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Yurt Renewal Appeal

********* Othona Bradwell Yurt Renewal Appeal *********

Life at Othona Bradwell did exist before we had the yurts but they are a much loved and valuable addition to our accommodation options and we are sad to see them disintegrate and fading away.  Believe it or not, our five yurts have stood up to the wind and weather for nine years, but we are not sure they will last in habitable condition for even another year.

Your help – your generous donations – will help re-clothe our saintly-named yurts, Aidan, Brigid, Cedd, Dunstan and Ethelburga, in new canvas covers, clean, waterproof and fit for our summer visitors. Two of our Saints will also be fitted with interior insulation, to be warm and cosy for the colder seasons.

Although the total will be £25,000, the fund-raising efforts of our resident team have already sourced a Grant for £12,000. Now you – we -  the Othona Membership and Friends, need to dig into our pockets to find the shortfall - £13,000.  We always do it, because Othona means so much to all are who already part of this amazing Community, and will mean so much to those we enable to stay in future.

Please give what you can: don’t feel your small donation will make little difference; and some of you may be able to give a more, according to your means. The plan is to have the re-covering of these five yurts, and the upgrading of two, completed before the summer Season 2024.

In the lefthand image are the yurts when they were newly installed and the right hand image is a more recent image showing the discolouration. There are also many tears and holes appearing now which cause water to penetrate when it's raining.

If you would like to make a donation towards this project then please visit or alternatively you can donate by paypal ( or bank transfer (Othona Community Sort code: 20-54-30 Account number: 20681628). If you want more information about the project then please email us in the office and we would be very happy to discuss it with you.