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(Revised by Othona Community 2018)

The Othona Community and Accessibility

Many Internet users find some websites difficult or even impossible to use because of the way they have been designed. For example, if the text is too small it can be difficult to read, or it might load too slowly. And people who use assistive technology, such as screen magnifiers and screen readers, can only see a website if it is compatible with the aids they are using.

The Othona Community works hard at being inclusive in everything it does, and that includes its web presence. We have aimed to make our website usable for everybody and we hope you like the new design. If there is anything that is preventing you from accessing these pages we would like to know about it. Use the contact details on the Contact Us page.

The Othona Community Communications Policy

  1. The Othona Community aims for all its communications to be expressed in clear language, honest, respectful, reasonably accessible for those with visual, hearing or other impairment, and in keeping with the mission statement of the charity. It also aims to make its organisational procedures as transparent as possible, while also being consistent with effective administration, appropriate confidentiality and legal compliance. Othona seeks to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Data Protection Act 1998. This policy, its regular review, and any matters relating to legal compliance are the responsibility of the Othona Trustees.
  2. The principal means of communication at a whole-community level are:
    • Full Circle
    • the members and friends email list
    • the members and friends address list (e.g. for special mailings)
    • General Meetings annually and from time to time
    Responsibility for all these rests with the trustees, and management is by them or by others to whom they delegate. They may designate one of their number as 'Communications Trustee' who will have a particular brief for these matters and their regular review, and will be a first point of contact for members on questions of communications policy.
  3. The principal means of communication at a centre-specific level are:

    • the centres' programme brochures
    • the centres' members and friends email list (both postal and email)
    • the centres' email newsletters
    • the Othona Essex and Othona West Dorset websites
    Responsibility for these rests with the relevant warden (subject to his/her accountability to the trustees), and management is by them or by others to whom they delegate.

  4. The websites mentioned above are currently the only official Othona sites. They need good access from one to another, so that enquirers can easily 'click through'. Published addresses for contacting Othona will normally reflect these domain names and email communications with any official status will originate from them. Recipients should always be given clear information on how to delete, change or add to their contact details on Othona distribution lists.
  5. In an age of burgeoning electronic communications the community recognises that phenomena may arise which impact on Othona and on its public reputation, but which are not in its control (e.g. Othona groups on social networking sites). The trustees view this as an opportunity as well as a danger. They commend to all Othona members and supporters - who may find themselves acting as the community's eyes, ears and voice on the internet - the communication ethics outlined in paragraph 1 above.

Revised May 2008 (Revised by Othona Essex 2018)

We include lots of photos on our website (and in our brochures) to give a picture of our events, and of the landscape of Bradwell-on-Sea. Most of the photos are taken during events by Othona residents and visitors. If you do not wish (or you do not wish your child) to appear in photographs, just let us know when you arrive. Also, we do usually make an announcement during the notices asking visitors to tell us if they would like to remain out of any photographs. If a fellow visitor is taking photos, please feel free to tell them you don't wish to be included in photographs.

Policy Statement

We recognise that the welfare of all children, young people and adults at risk, is paramount and that all have equal rights of protection.  We have a duty of care when they are guests at our centres, and we will do everything we can to provide a safe and caring environment whilst they attend our activities.

When there are concerns about the welfare of any child, young person or adult at risk, all responsible adults in our organisation are expected to share those concerns, without delay, with the Lead Person for Safeguarding (or the Deputy, if the Lead Person is unavailable, or the Lead Person at our sister centre).

Our policy is approved by our Board of Trustees and will be reviewed and updated every 2 years. We will publish and promote this policy to all staff, paid or unpaid, including Trustees themselves, through induction, training and supervision.  We endeavour to disseminate, as appropriate, this policy to all who come into contact with our Community e.g., children, young people, adults at risk, their parents, carers, families and others, such as Schools and visiting organisations.

Policy Aim

As members of SAFEcic, we aim at all times to attain best safeguarding practice throughout all our activities with children, young people, adults at risk, their parents, carers and families. We endeavour to provide a safe and friendly environment and celebrate all achievements. We will achieve this by adhering strictly to this policy, guidance and risk assessments. Our organisation holds current Public Liability Insurance which covers all our activities (refer to the Treasurer).

The staff at Othona have a duty to report any suspicions of abuse as per the procedures set out in the Othona Community Safeguarding Policy.

Safeguarding Children, Young People & Adults Policy (Approved by the Othona Trustees in November 2022) Click here to read or download a copy.

All Volunteers and staff are expected to work within the charitable objects, the Mission Statement, the values and policies of The Othona Community and within the laws of the Uk

The Code of Safer Working Practice expresses our commitment to placing the highest priority on the safety of those who visit, work and live at our Centres. It sets out what we expect from anyone who works at our Centres in both paid or voluntary roles and is one of the ways we ensure high standards of safeguarding in all we do.  

Please click here if you wish to view our code of conduct (Approved 2022)

If you wish to read our Health and Safety policy then please click here.

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