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How to Book

Once you have explored our Programme, just send us an online booking form for the event you wish to attend.

You may do this Online or by Post.  See below for details.

Please note, on the basis of a phone call or email query we may pencil you in to reserve a space (for up to a week). But we can only confirm your booking when we receive the Booking Form and payment.

Please follow this link if you are interested in making a Private or Group booking.

  1. On the event page create or log into your Othona account. If you have already got an account your details will automatically be filled on the booking screen. (You can delete your account at anytime.)
  2. Select the Register Now box on right or bottom of page
  3. The next page shows details of the event that you are registering for. Please select the number of participants check your email address, and select the fee you will be paying ( A new page with the booking form will open. Event Title, Start Date and Price Options at the top.
  4. If you are booking for other people as well as yourself, select the correct number. Include yourself! (You will be able to give their details after you fill in YOUR details - just click Continue at the bottom of the page.)
  5. Fill in your contact details and event specific information. (If your existing details are wrong, you can update them.)
  6. Each additional person will have their own page. Click Continue at the bottom of each page. (Please do NOT Skip Participant :-D)
  7. On the last additional person's page click Continue. A Confirm Your Details screen will appear. (If you are booking for yourself only, the Confirm screen will appear after YOUR page.) If you need to change any details, just click Go Back and update. Then click Continue to return to Confirm screen.
  8. On the Confirm screen click Continue! A Thank You screen will appear.
  9. You will receive an automated Registration Confirmation email with your booking details. We receive your Booking Form at the same time.
  10. We will then check availability on the event and and send you an invoice as soon as possible to confirm your booking.


Download the form below. Print it and fill in the sections.

BOOKING FORM (Print friendly pdf)

Post it to us at the address below.

When we receive your Booking Form, we will then check availability on the event and contact you as soon as possible to confirm your booking and event fees.

Post your form to:

The Othona Community
East End Road