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Our Future

Othona at Bradwell is a wonderful, spontaneous place where people meet together in community and things just happen…..sometimes. But so much of what “just happens” is dreamed up, thought through, discussed, planned, costed and budgeted, before the “happening” occurs. You only have to read Norman Motley’s book “Othona – Much Ado About Something” to see what prayerful energy it took to bring Othona to birth, sustain and nurture the two centres and above all, to bring about that sense of harmony so vital to Othona’s life. Skimming over a few decades, at Bradwell we are now moving forward together to build a Community, and spaces to sustain it, that are fit for future generations. We have a Bradwell Centre Committee, (BCC,)  which currently has three trustee/directors alongside five community Members. The BCC is responsible for supporting the Warden/Manager in their work, including Programme Planning, budget setting and helping organise volunteers for the open community times. We are also responsible for looking to the future. Two years ago at our annual BCC Strategy Meeting we focussed on what is special about Othona, all the love, caring, sharing and spirituality that brings the whole Community together, not only at the Centres but in friendships and all sorts of communications. Then we took the difficult step of choosing what was really important to ensure the continuation of Othona. And we opted for six topics which, after our meetings with Members, became seven really important areas for us to develop together over the next 5+ years.  They are: Christian Spirituality; Reconciliation; Othona as a Local Resource; Communications; Education; and the Resources (people, grounds and buildings) that we must develop if we are to achieve these aims together. The sixth area, which the Community felt was vitally important, is Sustainability. In each of these areas, individuals and small groups, through thought, prayer and conversation, are edging forward to see what the future holds, and take tangible steps to make it happen. Do look further at all the papers we have included on the Bradwell website. And whoever would like to become involved in one of these topic groups is very welcome to speak to a Committee or Staff Team member. Things just happen…..sometimes!