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Virtually Othona Astronomy Week

This week featured a series of talks from Roger Noble, who retired from Jodrell Bank Observatory in 2017. Roger would have been at Othona for this week, however this will still give you the opportunity to learn a lot more about stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, and the universe.

If you missed any of the talks or would like to see them again then each talk is available to view if you click onto the link next to the title below:

Monday 24th August                      Our Place in Space- video link:

Tuesday 25th August                       Starlight- video link:

Wednesday 26th August                 Is the Earth Alone- video link:

Thursday 27th August                      Cosmology- video link:

Friday 28th August                            Black Holes- video link:

Thank you for all those who took part in this week and donated to help sustain Othona for the future during these difficult times. If you have yet to make a donation then please visit our online giving site: All donations are appreciated. We would like to thank Roger for his time and effort for providing these fascinating talks.