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Othona's Food

Shared Dining

Food has a central place in the ethos of Othona. We encourage everyone to value and enjoy preparing food and eating together, not only as a pleasure in itself but also as a powerful symbol (a ‘sacrament’) of community.

In practice this does not mean everybody competing to cook – don't worry! But it does mean we welcome the involvement of even our newest visitor in preparing vegetables or washing up.

Sourcing Our Food

We have a few vegetable beds and our own poly tunnel, but they cannot supply all our requirements. So we use a local green grocer who travels to Convent Garden early in the morning to get us the best vegetable and fruits.  We also use a local Butcher and Grocer as much as possible to allow us to form relationships with them and get the best supplies.

There's a large soft fruit cage to protect the berries from the birds and the many rabbits who share the grounds. We can make some homemade jam from this, but that also doesn't supply all our needs.

Our meals include meat and fish, but always with a vegetarian alternative.

Special Diets

Please see the FAQs for details of this.