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Fund raising swim

Angenita Hardy-Teekens is raising money to help the funding of a vital second wind turbine for Othona Bradwell. She will be attempting to repeat her swim across the Blackwater estuary after a gap of 20 years on the 21st August this year. Please support her in this fantastic venture by visiting her JustGiving page in the link below. All those who make a donation will not only be helping us to reduce our carbon footprint here but they will also have their names stencilled on the new windmill. The target is £5,000 so please give Angenita your support.

JustGiving- Wind Turbine fund

Here are some of Angenita's comments from the Justgiving page:

"St Peter’s-on-the-Wall is England’s oldest chapel & a place worship for Othona. Countless people pilgrimage to this unique chapel & walk from it to the decommissioned nuclear power station, Bradwell A.

This Chapel, the estuary and the Othona Community are threatened by the Bradwell B development, a new nuclear power station with a footprint 10 times bigger than Bradwell A. The boundary of the building site is shown by the white outline on the map below. It will be a construction site for 14 years and have a devastating effect.

Now, more than ever, places like Othona and the estuary are vital to people’s wellbeing and I feel passionately that they must be preserved for our future generations and for the benefit of the diverse wildlife.

I want to raise awareness of all these issues, but also to do something practical to help. Othona is an off-grid community, determined to be energy self-sufficient. Visitors numbers grow each year, and more electricity is needed. A new wind generator, a source of renewable energy, would solve their power needs but costs £110,000. I want to help them get started and support an investment in renewable not nuclear power, by raising at least £5,000. And maybe together we can do more!

20 years ago, I swam across the Blackwater estuary to raise money for Othona’s warden accommodation. I hope I can still do that swim, aged 57. Your support will motivate me hugely! I plan to swim across on 21st August 2021, at 12 midday, arriving on the other side at 2pm. Anyone is welcome to wave me off, share a toast with me on the other side, or both.

I am an Artist so I will turn this windmill into an Artwork. You donate and I will stencil your name or the name of your business on the windmill as a thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing this windmill, full of colourful bright letters, as a symbol for years to come that we can make a difference."