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Navigating the Path from Grief to Relief: A Journey Beyond Heartache ***EVENT FULL***

A retreat with Maria helping those experiencing trauma, grief and loss

Tuesday 9th April  -  Friday 12th April 2024


Led by Maria Tucker

This is a course for people who are experiencing grief first hand or having to cope with family or friends suffering from grief.

This is a compassionate and comprehensive period of time spent together, designed to help individuals navigate the multifaceted landscape of grief. Contrary to popular belief, grief is not solely confined to the realm of death; it can permeate various aspects of our lives, manifesting in response to the loss of a job, relationship, health, financial stability, or even a beloved pet. Our time together will be crafted to provide insight, support, and practical tools to help you move through the grieving process, fostering healing and resilience.

This time together, combines a variety of learning resources, including interactive exercises, group discussions, and self-reflection assignments. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences in a supportive community, fostering connection and understanding.

Join us on this transformative journey as we explore the depths of grief, learning to navigate the challenges and emerge stronger on the other side. This is not just a course; it's a guide for rebuilding, rediscovery, and renewal after the storms of loss to take you from grief to relief and beyond all the heartache.

Further details of the course content are available to view view this link-  Grief to Relief course overview



Maria is a mother, a healer of people and animals, a mentor, an experienced speaker and for 22 years she has been a life coach, mentor and counsellor.   “Maria probably saved my life. Had she not helped me to be brave, to listen to my inner voice and take the plunge into my heart’s desires, I would still be stressed; miserable and on my way to another round of burn out.” (Sara)   Maria’s purpose-led coaching comes from an authentic, lived experience. She understands the ups and downs of life better than most. Maria’s life was shattered by an accident that left her in a wheelchair for 2 years during which time she lost everything – her marriage, her home, her beautiful horse and her livelihood. And yet, through this experience, which she now sees as a great blessing, she was able to find meaning, to find her purpose and to reconnect with her true self. As a result, nothing phases Maria and her capacity to create and hold a safe space for those experiencing trauma, loss and grief is infinite.   Maria coaches women from all walks of life out of their confusion, loss and fear - into a space of connection from grief to loving life again. Maria is know for her caring yet rigorous approach which achieves lasting results for her clients. She elicits ‘light bulb’ moments, joy and deep gratitude in all those fortunate enough to work with her.  

Through her coaching, Maria helps those grieving to:  

  • Who are in the depths of grief, support them to  move into a space of relief and then help them discover how to love life again
  • Overcome their fear, release overwhelm and find their courage to do what they need to do
  • Feel happy, re-inspired and fulfilled in their everyday life and work
  • Connect with themselves and their partner at a deep level
  • Express themselves, their love and their needs clearly and in a way that elicits understanding
  • Move from a feeling of emptiness to a true sense of purpose and deeper meaning
  • Re-connect with joy and wonder in all aspects of their lives

  If you’re ready to move through your grief to find a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your life, reach out to Maria for a free consultation call.   Maria says - “By sharing my Truth, I empower others to discover their Truth. By sharing my love, I enable them to feel loved. And by sharing my strength, I help them to discover the courage to be the person they were born to be.”      

Arrivals: from 3pm Tuesday - first meal is dinner at 7pm

Departures: Friday morning 11am

Cost: We have two rates for adults £150 (Basic Rate) or £188 (*Benefactor Rate), If you are able to afford the Benefactor rate this helps to support the work of Othona and enables us to provide bursaries to support those who cannot afford to come. Normal child rates apply (Child Rates). We may be able to offer a bursary if needed. Please contact us to find out more.

*(Find out about our Benefactor Rate)


09 Apr 2024 15:00 to 12 Apr 2024 11:00
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