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Wellbeing Week

We will explore these five areas of wellbeing: nature, exercise, sleep, meditation and nutrition

Mon 1st August- Sat 6th August 2022

(Here is Beverely in her cold water barrel, she gets in it every morning!)

Space is available on this event! :-D

Led by Beverley Hodgson 

This year marks my 30 th year at Othona. I have always felt privileged to have been able to spend
time here in the beautiful Essex countyside with the sea and unusual coastline. It was here that my
interest in food and cooking was ignited and after catering for large groups as a teenager decided to
train as a chef. My chef career naturally evolved into becoming a Food and Nutrition teacher, where
I teach GCSE Food in a secondary school.
More recently I have acquired a love for sport and take part in swimming, running, Swimrun and
triathlon events. There is a strong link between sport and nutrition which I have been exploring.
These areas of wellbeing are also linked to sleep, meditation and nature; these are all essential
elements of leading your most healthy and fulfilling life. What better place than Othona to discuss,
practice and explore these five areas of wellbeing: nature, exercise, sleep, meditation and nutrition.
Come and join the wellbeing week for talks on these subjects and some activities such as yoga,
meditation and swimming, for some wellbeing practices you can integrate into your everyday life.
This week will be child friendly and the perfect opportunity for them to appreciate nature and enjoy
some relaxing activities.

Arrivals: from 3pm Monday - first meal is dinner at 7pm

Departures: Saturday morning 11am

Cost: Adults £225 (Basic Rate) £280 (Benefactor Rate), normal child rates apply.  We may be able to offer concessionary rates (25% reduction) at the Manager's discretion. Please contact us to find out more.

(Find out about our Benefactor Rate)

01 Aug 2022 15:00 through 06 Aug 2022 11:00
Othona Community, Essex
East End Road
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