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Camp Do Re Mi

A weekend of learning to sing shape note music in the second shape (do re mi) tradition.

Space is available on this event! :-D

This weekend covers some of the finest music from the American shape note tradition, the oldest American a cappella harmony singing tradition. It uses a distinctive notation that makes it particularly easy to learn if you don’t read music. Its sound has been described as ‘hillbillies singing Renaissance music’. We focus on songs in The Christian Harmony, the Mennonite Hymnal and Southern gospel music song books: loaners will be available as well as books for sale. No previous musical or singing experience is necessary and we welcome everyone: children and adults, those who think they can’t sing (you can sing shape note music!), experienced singers and everyone in between. If you are new to singing or shape note music, there will be an introductory class each day. We also have fun and fellowship, with a beach bonfire, fireworks and sparklers, weather permitting! Due to the popularity of this event, room sharing is to be expected and there will only be space in the community for those participating in the event.

Arrivals: from 3pm Thursday - first meal is dinner at 7pm

Departures: Sunday afternoon 3pm

Cost: adults £129 (£96) which includes meals, accommodation and all singing activities

25 Jul 2019 16:00 to 28 Jul 2019 15:00
Othona Community, Essex
East End Road
Landline: 01621 776564 ext. 01621776564
Landline: 01621776564 ext. 01621776564