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Catering - Role

How To Apply

First, read the job description. Do you think this role might suit you?

Email us at Please use 'Catering' as the subject.

We'll email you a short introductory recruitment form and outline the next steps.

This will usually involve a preliminary visit (unless you've stayed with us in the last two years), a full application form, a few days volunteering with us, and an interview.

Unless otherwise stated, there is no closing date for applications. They are usually considered on a first come first served basis.

Overall Aim:

Your overall aim in the Caterering role is to manage the provision of balanced, nourishing and tasty food for the Staff Team, Community Members and Visitors. Meal times have a central place in the ethos of Othona Life. Through preparation and eating, food is seen as a sacrament that all are encouraged to value and enjoy.
Importantly, Othona Bradwell has a well earned reputation for imaginative good home cooked food using local or home grown produce whenever possible.
You will be responsible for cooking the two main meals, lunch and dinner, for up to five days a week. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Review and improve menus within agreed budgets and ethical guidelines.
  • Offer varied menus with a vegetarian option and cater for other dietary needs.
  • Manage cleaning and hygiene in the kitchen and storage areas and of the utensils and catering equipment.
  • Manage stock, ordering and buying according to good practice, health and economy, avoiding unnecessary wastage.
  • Comply with all necessary Food and Hygiene Legislation and maintain rigorous standards of compliance.
  • Co-ordinate the cooking and use of the kitchen, encouraging the safe and enjoyable participation of the Core Team, Community Members, Volunteers and Visitors in cooking and related activities.
  • Manage the catering operation so that Othona Bradwell meets its catering budget.

Skills and Experience:

Cooking and Catering;

For the catering role you should;
  • Have a love of cooking and creativity but deliver simple, wholesome food.
  • Be a good basic cook able to prepare meals for small and large groups.
  • Have good cooking skills and the ability to plan, prepare and serve homely meals through co-ordination of staff and volunteers who will help to prepare and cook the food.
  • Be interested in nutrition and able to plan the menus balancing various dietary needs.
  • Be capable of preparing meals and cooking for up to 80 adults and children.

Managing Health, Hygiene and Safety in Kitchen and Storage Areas;

You will need to;
  • Understand and implement good health, hygiene and safety practices in the kitchen, in your own work and that of others.
  • Be prepared to supplement your qualifications beyond the basics of food hygiene, as agreed with the manager.
  • Be able to supervise and train others in appropriate cooking and cleaning skills and safe systems of work.

Planning and Organising;

You will be responsible for planning and organising the work, equipment and systems in kitchen and storage areas and ensuring the work gets done on time. The way you work will inevitably influence the atmosphere and ambience in the kitchen and dining room. You must be able to;
  • Identify key tasks, decide priorities and organise your workload.
  • Involve and motivate less experienced people in the busy life of the kitchen.
  • Create and maintain auditable records to provide accurate information easily accessible to yourself and colleagues using basic IT skills and acquiring new ones when appropriate.
  • Remain calm and positive at all times.

Role Resilience:

As a caterer in a Community setting, you will need to be comfortable taking responsibility, with an appropriate level of supervision and guidance. Sharing your daily life with colleagues and visitors as well as carrying out the work needs physical, mental and emotional resilience. Even when under stress, you will be expected to constantly take a positive view and keep a sense of perspective and humour.

Apart from their specific roles all resident member must be flexible. Please see all staff members for details