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Waiting for Rae

We‘re here once again, in a circle, sat round

As so often before, at the eve of the day

With barely a movement, and scarcely a sound

Just sitting in chapel, and waiting for Rae

There are people you meet and then maybe forget

The years, they pass by, and folk come and go

But there‘s an Othona legend, and I‘d wage a bet

You‘d never mistake her for some other Joe

I never did meet such a person as you

Okay, you may say that for each such is true

But something about you just pierced me right through

Like some childhood encounter with someone brand—new

You first came to Bradwell before | was born

When Norman, the founder, had total control

I wait as you walk the path pilgrims have worn

In quest of devotion and solace of soul

| recall you were missed, at my very first visit

When a member of staff said that Rae was lost

'If ever a madhouse existed, this is it!'

I concluded, as we set off to search the compost

You make us all laugh with your travelling tales

From Derby to Bradwell via Scotland and Wales

With Mary in tow you know chaos prevails

Miles of trials, tribulations, traumatic travails

Your love unconditional, your kindness so pure

If I were a badger I‘d bless you, for sure

By their fruits shall ye know them, it says in Scripture

May our fondness for you Rae, forever endure

So we‘re here at St. Peter‘s, twiddling our thumbs

With pause for reflection, we let our thoughts stray

Then one of us peers out and says 'Here she comes'

Yes, we‘re sat in that chapel, just waiting for Rae


Inspired by Matthew Dell


(c) Dave Birdseye