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Ford Larner

Dear Othona members,
It is with deep and abiding sadness that Jasmin, Tad and Rod would like to tell you that Ford died at home on 25th November, 2022. His funeral will be held on 5th January at Chelmsford crematorium.

As many of you will know who are friends of Ford, we had a very happy childhood at the camp, so many experiences that few people will ever be able to have again in this new, complicated world. We were both carefree and free to explore the natural surroundings and we learned how to talk to people from all walks of life.

Ford was a much-loved and frequent visitor, famous for his disappearing acts, usually at washing up or chapel time. In recent times, we spoke a lot together about all the people and places there and the things we got up to. Dave James taught Ford to play the guitar and Ford was a great guitar player. He taught his daughter to drive down the track. So many hours on the cushions on the grass or on the stoep, joking and making his wry comments. The camp was a huge part of Ford’s emotional geography. Although a man of few words, we’re sure  many of you will have memories of Fordy and we ask you to cherish those and smile. He would like that.

We wish you a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year,
Jasmin, Rod and Tad.