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David Hodgson-Brown

We are very sad to have to tell you that David Hodgson-Brown died peacefully on 25th April, following some months of ill-health. Our thoughts are with his wife Sandra, their family Beverley, Dan and Livvy and the wider family.

Dave joined the life of Othona with Sandra, soon after they met through the Open University. Two things were clear from the start – that Dave and Sandra were meant for each other, and that Dave seemed very much at home at Othona. Dave and Sandra were married in St Peter’s Chapel.

Dave was gifted in all matters IT, working in that field for a good while, but times changed, and he moved on to other work he enjoyed, including working as a baker. His quiet nature and focus on the matter in hand would at times break out into his huge sense of fun and creativity. On a quiz-night you definitely wanted to be in Dave’s team, with his wide general knowledge and specialist area on films, a love he and Sandra shared together, and through leading many a lively Film Week at Othona.

Dave, with Sandra, joined the Othona staff team when Tim was Warden, committing to two years and staying far longer. His help in organising IT went beyond expectation when he set up the multi-media centre, enabling the Community to show films and home videos, and to keep up the Community’s  spirit through electronic communications, so vital during Covid. Helping Othona in a wide range of staff responsibilities, he was thoughtful and welcoming, in a practical way – his responsibility for housekeeping saw rooms and furnishings consistently prepared and ready for all-comers.

When they moved on from Othona leaving it in good heart for Debbie and Richard to take over, Dave still retained his love for Othona, volunteering to help as Membership Secretary, and frequently returning to share time at Bradwell. He was a completely devoted husband, supporting Sandra through the ups and downs in her health, before the tables were turned and it was he who needed care, as his own health failed in recent months. Still he came to Othona, seeming to find comfort in the people he had come to love, and surrounded by his family as his vitality slipped away. He leaves us with very fond and loving memories.