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Reopening and covid-19 update

Welcome Back

We opened on the 4th July and have been excited to have visitors back at Othona. There has been a very positive response to all the changes we have had to implement to keep everyone safe during these difficult times. We are constantly updating our procedures here based on the latest government guidelines so please check to see any updates are in the documents below. We are only open for pre-booked guests whether overnight or day visitors at the moment, so contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. We can only accept groups of up to six in size (apart from large families) but, as with all hospitality venues we can have multiple groups of six staying at any one time. To minimise our outgoings during these difficult financial times some of the staff will remain on furlough and our wonderful European volunteers will be helping to run the Centre. We aim to keep the 'Work, Worship, Study and Play' ethos, but now, more than ever, it will require the enthusiasm and commitment of the whole Community. Unfortunately due to these financial constraints we will not routinely be able to offer our usual bursaries and concessionary places at present but please contact the Warden ( if you do require financial help. It may be that you are able to help us out during these difficult times by paying our Benefactor rate rather than the Basic rate, this is available as an option on our booking form. This higher rate will help support the running of the Bradwell Centre, so if you are in a position to consider paying this additional 25% towards your stay it would be much appreciated. 

Like everywhere else we have had to make changes here to comply with government guidelines and will adapt this as the situation changes. We have tried to keep the changes here to a minimum but we want, of course, to ensure that everyone on site remains safe and well. We wanted to let you know what changes we have put into place here before your visit. We would like your stay here to be enjoyable and to keep the experience here as close to the usual 'Othona' as possible.The key information can be found in the documents below and there is also a video showing what a trip to Othona is like. Please call us (01621 776564) or email ( if you have any questions or concerns.

Othona Bradwell COVID-19 Policy 

Top Tips for your visit to Othona

Your stay at Othona

We have had a very positive response over the summer from those who came to stay, please read some of the comments below:

"Thanks to all of you for your hospitality, chapel, house tour and continuing to share your community in this extraordinarily difficult year.  Our two-night visit was the only time Pete and I have been away from our city home in 2020 and it’s helped to charge my battery for the coming winter."  (Maggie Eiseman-Renyard)

"I want to thank you for making my stay at Othona this year so very special. I have always enjoyed my visits over many years but this year it was the first time I have been away since last October! I had been self isolating on account for my age since the end of March and as normally I have always been very active it has been a difficult time with the need to cancel holidays and outings and to wonder how it will all end. So the opportunity to join my friends from St Giles’ last weekend has been a great boost to my well being. I feel refreshed and now have hope for the future. Despite the restrictions in place everything was so well organised with extra touches that made such a difference, including the log fires in the evenings and even some anti-histamine cream for my insect bites! We were so lucky with the weather that meant we could spend so much time outdoors and enjoy all the beauty around us as well as have time to talk and help each other to overcome our sense of isolation and anxiety." (Diana from St Giles and Cripplegate Church) 

"Thank you for another amazing week here with you all, we thank you for the good food and the happy memories we get to take back to MK with us and we are looking forward to coming back and seeing you soon" (Erica and Brandon from Church without Walls)

"Thank you for such a truly restorative break.  I think it was one of my most enjoyable visits to Othona and have returned to London with a greatly improved outlook on life.  I am aware that you are under considerable strain with all the problems caused by COVID-19, but was also aware of the many clever ways in which you were accommodating the changes and your heroic efforts in dealing with a very difficult situation. Please could you tell Pete how very grateful I am for the new paths and ramps that he built?  He was still in the progress of installing them during my last stay. There were so many other things of which I have happy memories.  These include my trips to the sea wall in the golf buggy, all the animals around, fresh garden produce, some excellent meals and my own experience of making delicious pasta with Stefano." (Elizabeth Whitmore)

Please look at our programme to see what is happening over the next few months ( and come along for your own "Othona" experience.